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Football Banters; who has the funniest football banter? Let's hear yours.

We were at a football viewing centers some days back, Chelsea were getting pummeled by Sheffield United as there were jokes here and there. My friend who is a Chelsea fan faced another friend of ours who is putting on Arsenal Jersey and told him "anytime I wear arsenal Jersey in the house, I can't lift a cup". Everyone roared in laughter and banters started flying here and there. 

Football as we know is a competitive game where teams fight for honours, same way it also serves as a form of entertainment. This why some set of people prefer to watch football matches at viewing center because it is always filled with all kinds of football lovers. Talk of the die hard supporters who would do extra mile to support their teams, the normal football lovers who are just there to see good football, the ones that are there just to do follow up on their bet tickets and of course the ones who are drunk. These and many more are the kinds of people you meet at viewing centers and they are the ones who throws banters that makes football entertaining. Even if your team are been defeated, you will laugh and just enjoy the game. 

It is noteworthy to mention that some football fans are temperamental in nature and some are also extreme club supporter that can't withstand negative comments about their favourite teams. It is always advisable to avoid such people so that the banters won't result into fight, injuries and sometimes death. 

Here are some of the banters I have heard in recent times;

1. The only thing Barcelona will celebrate this season is the players birthdays. 

2. Manchester United is so good that they remain in 5th position. 

3. Penaldo (C. Ronaldo) is still on the pitch waiting for penalty even after the final whistle. 


Let's see who's got the best banter... 

Drop your banter in comment section. 

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