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Premier League

Records in football which are unlikely to be broken

Certain records are meant to stand the test of time, immortalized in their glory and accomplishments.

Here's a list of such records that will never be broken.

1) most goals by a goalkeeper

Goalkeepers are mostly one - dimensional players, they have one and only one job on the field at least only one that invities deep scrutiny.

Ceni was a Brazilian goalkeeper who plied his trade for sao Paulo. He was an excellent goalkeeper, in a career spanning two and a half decades ceni scored 131goals.

2) 5 European cups in a row.

From 1955 to 1960, Real Madrid went on a rampage destroying teams en route to their five consecutive European cups.

It is from this their obsession with the champions league stems.

3) Highest attendance at a football game

The 1950 world cup final, Brazil versus Uruguay. The event most commonly remembered for the huge upset - dubbed maracanazo, is also remembered for hosting the highest number of people in a football game. The official attendance is listed at 173850 tickets sold.

4) Highest score in a match

The match between As Adema and so l'Emyrne played on 31 October 2002 has been immortalized by the Guinnes book of world records for producing the biggest scoreline in club football. L'Emyrne players played so poorly that they went on to score 149 own goals leading to a score of 149-0.

5) least wins in a premier league sor any such season

This unwanted record is held by Derby county. The 2007/08 season was a well fought, competitive season at least for 19 of the teams. The 20th team, Derby county, was something of a letdown.

Over the course of 38 games, Derby managed to win only one game against Newcastle. They lost 29 games (another record ), scored 20 goals and conceded an overwhelming 89 goals and finished the season with only 11 points (another heart shattering record).

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