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Is Cristiano Ronaldo A Good Free-kick Taker?

I would like to first describe what a good free-kick is.

Power: The kick must have enough power to give the ball a speed that can beat the reflexes of a goalkeeper.Height: Usually, too high and too low kicks are difficult to save. The ball should not land into the keeper’s hand. Curve: The more the ball moves in the air, the more difficult it is for the keeper to judge. Preferably, the ball should move away from the keeper. Direction: The ball can be lobbed over the wall, under the wall, over a team-mate from a training ground move, or curled around the wall. There are many ways depending on one’s creativity.

Now the answer to the question is that I have seen Ronaldo do all this stuff. I have seen him score from 40 yards out, over, under, and around the wall. He has scored with curlers and he has scored with brute power. He has scored many important free kicks too, to win matches.

He is a good free-kick taker, that’s for sure.

But the stats could be talking here. Ronaldo isn’t outstanding, according to the statistics. I think we should separate the freekicks into 3 categories and analyze them apart from each other. The categories won’t include FK’s from the side areas of the pitch as they are often crossed inside and not taken by Ronaldo.

Short-range free-kicks (16–28 m)

As Ronaldo’s strength at free kicks is mainly power, he can’t do these shots. They are simply too close to the goal, and he often strikes too high. The most important free kicks are these and that’s why people think Ronaldo is a bad free-kick taker, which is not true. But he should let other players have a crack more often, especially from a short distance to the goal.

Medium-range free-kicks (28–36 m)

That’s where Ronaldo thrives. He can kick the ball with so much power that he can score a lot of times. I think he’s a really good FK taker from this distance. He could often give goalkeepers some trouble with these shots. If he doesn’t score, his shooting power could still result in a rebound off the keeper, letting the teammates score. One can see this many times when Ronaldo shoots from this range.

Long-range free-kicks (36 m+)

The problem here is that not every FK which is on the opposite half of the pitch should be a shot on the goal. Ronaldo often tries his luck from a very long distance, but it’s almost impossible to score from there. Better to make a short pass to start building the play, or maybe cross the ball in towards the center back

In conclusion, I think Ronaldo is a good free-kick taker, but he should let other players do it in the ranges he’s not effective from. A good free-kick taker doesn’t necessarily have to score from every distance and angle. However, he should stop defending his ego and he should think logically to help his team and country.


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