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What Lukaku Can Learn From Ronaldo To Become A Better Striker

Romelu Lukaku and Cristiano Ronaldo are two of the most talked about strikers or central-forward in the English premier league this season and this is majorly because of their impressive performance for their clubs so far.

Lukaku has four goals this season (three in EPL and one in Champions League) while Cristiano Ronaldo has five, three in EPL and two in Champions League. However, despite the close margin in th number of goals they've scored for their new clubs so far, there are a couple of things that Lukaku can pick or learn from Ronaldo's style of play that can help him become a better striker.

1. The first thing Romelu Lukaku can learn from Ronaldo is his positioning. Lukaku has great strength and can hold-off defenders or pull them away to create goal-scoring chances for himself, but his positioning is not so great yet. He needs to learn to watch the ball, the direction of play and the positions of the opposing defenders to place himself in the right spot where he can score a goal.

Positioning is one of Ronaldo's strongest abilities and that is why even though he aged, he still scores goals more than most younger football stars.

2. The second thing Lukaku should learn from Ronaldo is picking the best spot to put the ball. At every instance or goal-scoring opportunity, there are more than two options on where to put the ball that the keeper won't be able to stop.

If you watched yesterday's game, you'd understand better. Ronaldo's goal was from a tight spot but he still found a way to hit the ball in the direction where that was not away from the post, and one where the keeper won't be able to stop it from going into the net.

Lukaku can learn this by watching Ronaldo's clips and practicing a lot because it is these little things that separates spectacular players from good players.

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