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Between Arat Hosseini vs Cristianinho who is better?

Arat Hosseini vs Cristianinho who is better?

Arat is only 7 years old and is already a star, there are huge expectations when you’re CR7’s son, he trains very hard to achieve his dream and always trains to achieve that perfection.

Cristianinho follows his father’s example, Arat father pushes his son to always go further. I don’t think that there will be a better coach than Cristiano Ronaldo, young Arat knows that only works pays off, Cristianinho has understood this too. All of Arat's efforts can be seen in games, whenever he plays he does it extraordinary.

Cristianinho is also well above other players of his age, he easily eliminate his opponents and also will do everything to follow his father’s footsteps, despite the huge pressure they have on their shoulders. This two children seem to have their futures mapped out because they have deeply devoted them self’s to playing. 

 To me both of the player's have a unique quality but i think is Cristianinho because he is already playing in the higher league while Arat is playing in a lower league.

Between Arat and Cristianinho who is better?, make use of the commet box.

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