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Pictures To Prove Wrestling Might Be Fake

Wrestling is an entertaining game been watched around the world, most times people comes out with different arguments if wrestling is "Real" and on same account different people has their own opinion (some says it's really, why on the other hand some says it's acting)

But most of the time when you watch wrestling what see on the screen is "don't try this at home"

And have you tried to ask your self if it's real will they (wrestling) tell you not to try this at home?

And here are some pictures to prove wrestling might be fake.

From the picture above you can see Randy Orton raising his leg to heat Dave Bautista, in that position there is no way you heat a person without the person incurring a serious injury.

Well, this really a serious one and also an issue to discuss

In wrestling this style above (picture) is called the Brock Lesnar "suplex"

Throwing your opponent like this (suplex style) it really hurts, and this time I guest not only your opponent but also you.

This style is really scary, pining your head on the ring by your opponent and at the same time he also comes out as the winner after serious attack by his opponent

And some times don't you ask your self questions like, After fighting this week they (wrestlers) still comes out to fight next week.

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