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Top Five Sports With The Biggest Price Money In 2020

Did you ever wonder the what Sports competition with the biggest price money in the world? which sports is worth the sweat?. Search no further has Sports Alert have complied the list of top five sports with the biggest price money in the world in 2020.

How much did Liverpool and Tottenham got as price money last year for wining the UEFA Champions League, why is a champions league qualification is more in important than a silverware?. How much is Cricket World Cup ICC, USA Open, French Open Etc.. all these questions have answers.

Sports are increasingly becoming a big money business these days. TV rights, sports sponsorship and advertisements mean that sports have been generating a lot of money. This means that the money generated from the increasing revenue has to be distributed somehow to the leading sport stars. So which sports generate the most amount of prize money? Well we’re going to find out. Here we look at the Top Five Sports competitions with biggest prize money in 2020.

1. UEFA Champions League - (Football) - $1.3 billion, winners get $75 million (note the prices increase every season)

2. Formula 1-(Motor GP)- $879.4 million - winners gets $100m and above (prices increase every season)

3. FIFA World Cup - (Football)- $35 million (prices increase base on presidential approval)

4. UEFA Euro (Football) - $245 million, winners get $29 million

5. World Series Base Ball -$66.5 million, winners get $22.5 million

Others includes;

6. UEFA Europa League (Football) $347 millions, winners get $16.4m

Wimbledon completes the top 10 with

$35m and winners get $3.9 million (Prices increase at every year.

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