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La Liga

Check out this high-class Real Madrid players' paradise which makes them the best in the world.

Have you ever wondered why Real Madrid is one of the biggest clubs in the world and how they achieve such glory both domestically and across the oceans?

I will take you through the 'Real Madrid City' of Spain's biggest club which was officially inaugurated in September, 2005. The 'Real Madrid City' is different from the City of Madrid.

The 'Real Madrid City' is located in Valdebebas which is in the city of Madrid. The Sports City is officially called the 'Ciudad Real Madrid' which is spanish for 'Real Madrid City.' This sporting complex is also different from Santiago Bernabeu which is their official stadium.

It is home to the senior team's training complex and residence of their youth system which is called 'Real Madrid Juvenil A' which is different from Castilla (Real Madrid's Reserve). I am sure any passionate Madrid fan knows the difference between both teams. Real Madrid's basketball side also have access to this city.

The project was designed for the first team players and coaches in order to attain full comfort. The reserve team (Castilla) also have access to the City. Real Madrid believes 'Castilla' should also taste what the first team enjoys.

According to the Sports City's website, the City is 40 times bigger than the Santiago Bernabeu and more than double the size of the Vatican City in Italy. It's no doubt a great master plan by Perez who was in charge as the President of Madrid when it was officially inaugurated in 2005. Real Madrid definitely has great taste and it's a very demanding side. 13 Champions League trophies and 34 La Liga titles says it all.

The first team have 60 rooms to themselves made up of 'individual and doubles' and I think Valverde should have earned himself a 'double' room with Ramos as his roommate after his tackle against Morata in the Spanish Super cup earlier this season. That tackle was Ramos' trademark and Valverde executed it perfectly.

The city has dressing rooms, conference rooms, offices, bedrooms, classrooms, a medical center, pool, and many other facilities with fantastic training pitches scattered for multiple sessions simultaneously. It is definitely a state-of-the-art project to keep Madrid at the top and they're doing just that by staying at the top.

There is a place called the White House (not the US Presidential building) for the youth team which is only for the U-19 squad and those who work for the club. No fans and opponents of the youth squad are allowed there. The youth team's pitch is also standard and it's the same used in Santiago Bernabeu according to the city's website. I am sure it's now clear to you why young players need the best facilities to mature into big first team players.

The coach, mangers and the first team which is made up of Ramos and his boys have access to a place called 'T' as in capital 'letter T.' Everything they need to win more trophies is in there. The players have their private car-park close to the 'T.' When next you imagine why the players are as good as they are, just think of 'T' and you're good to go.

Do you know what the Largest single structure in the City is?

It is the gym and I am sure people now know why the Madrid squad is very fit. It is definitely intended to develop growth and unity amongst the team members for improved synergy.

Below are some images of the 'Ciudad Real Madrid'

Below are Pictures of the Living room, Dining and Table Tennis Room using '360' viewer.

Do you think any other club can beat or match this system created by Real Madrid? We would know about that in the near future.

If you have any comment(s) or contribution(s) to make, please do in the comments section.

Thank You.

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