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Two Bad Habits Cristiano Ronaldo Has Changed Over The Years.

Everybody has very bad habits which they have changed as they grow up and learn new things. Players also have some bad habits which they exhibit on the field. These bad habits have destroyed the careers of some players who were unable to control or change their bad attitudes.

A lot of successful players also had very bad attitudes during their football careers, but were able to overcome these bad habits. Bad habits during a game can lead to hatred from fans as well as other players. One of the greatest players who also had bad attitudes at the initial stages of their football career was Cristiano Ronaldo. Cristiano Ronaldo had two bad habits while he was still a very young player, but as he became matured and more experienced, he was able to change this bad habits. The bad habits Cristiano Ronaldo had was:

1. Aggression: While Cristiano Ronaldo was still a very young player at Manchester United and Real Madrid, he engaged in a lot of fights and arguments with his opponents. Some of these fights led to injuries, while some gave him red cards. Cristiano Ronaldo later overcame this aggression. He no longer engages in fights with his opponents.

2. Pride: Cristiano Ronaldo was also known to be a very proud player. Cristiano Ronaldo has pushed and insulted referees severally while at Real Madrid. Cristiano Ronaldo has also overcome this bad habit.

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