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Real Madrid, Barcelona And The El Clasico: Is The El Clasico Still Football Biggest Game?

When it comes to world soccer, there's arguably no game or rivalry bigger than Barcelona against Real Madrid, known as the El Clasico, this two sides have achieved great achievements in football, and players feel this sense of accomplishment, when you have played for any side.

Their a lot of issues that have made the El Clasico, the biggest game in football, that even rivals top games like AC Milan and Inter Milan, Manchester United and Manchester City, Marseille and PSG, Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund, and that has been the star studded nature that each side presents during the El Clasico.

The El Clasico became one of Europe's biggest game, during the 2010-13 season, during the reign of Pep Guardiola and Jose Mourinho. The rivalry of this two sides had always been massive, but when this two managers came over, that rivalry exploded.

We all know the history, Jose Mourinho was assistant coach to Bobby Robson at Barcelona, and even coached Pep Guardiola, but Barcelona would favour Guardiola over Mourinho, a decision that never sat well with Mourinho, leading up to that rivalry between both sides.

One major highlight of the El Clasico, had to be the semi finals of the 2011 champions league, were won that clash, and eventually won the champions league, and that (0 - 5) defeat Real Madrid suffered in the 2010 season.

However, the 247th edition of the El Clasico that would be played this season, can be seen as one of the undervalued since they first played the El Clasico in 1902, in the squad, and even the hype around the game.

The player with the most El Clasico appearances, Sergio Ramos with (45) appearance is no longer at the club, and the player with the most experience with the El Clasico game in Real Madrid squad is Karim Benzema.

That rivalry that exists between both clubs is still present, but with both clubs no longer having the those players that generated the rivalry around the El Clasico, I wonder if the game still possess that quality.

Lionel Messi no longer plays for Barcelona, and both squad have players that are yet to fully grasp, how important the game is.

The El Clasico would always be a game, fans would always be expecting, but is it still the biggest game in football, with both sides losing the players, or managers that generated headlines to the El Clasico.

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