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Messi Gets An Assured Offer Of No 10 Shirt If He Leaves Barcelona (Details).

The Chairman of Estuadiantes, Juan Sebastian Veron, has given an offer of the No 10 shirt to Lionel Messi if he decides to leave Barcelona.

According to some speculations made about the player, it's possible for him to move away from his current team, Barcelona, since his deal is set to end in 2021.

Although Messi has never been seen as a football player who is ready to leave Barcelona.

Lionel Messi has been playing for Barcelona for decades now, and according to record, all his achievements in his football career were achieved in that same football club, Barcelona.

Anytime Messi set to leave the team, he always end up reaching another agreement with the football club.

Thus, it is so difficult to predict his move away from the club.

However, the Estuadiantes Chairman, Juan Veron, has made decision that whenever he's ready to leave the football club, there's a No 10 shirt waiting for him.

Veron also laid an emphasis that Messi is the only one who can make the decision, and it's all based on his own desire.

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