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FIFA World Cup

Meet Aden Marwa, Kenyan Referee who officiated in 2018 FIFA World Cup, but was later banned for life

There are times that one is been elevated beyond one's expectations, which might be due to God's favour or one's personal hard work and dedication.

When one is elevated beyond one's expectations, the only thing that can keep that person in that position or take the person to a higher position is if the person is been loyal and not practicing nefarious acts that can tarnish his or her image.

In 2018 FIFA World Cup, which was hosted by Russia, an African man, who is said to be from Kenya was privileged to participate in the officiating the World Cup matches, but later ruined his own reputation, after collecting $600 bribe from a journalist.

Accordion to the evidence which backed up the allegation made against the referee, Aden Marwa was caught in camera collecting $600 bribe from a journalist, who posed as a top football official and as a result of the money he collected without knowing he was been watched, the football association (FIFA) banned him for life.

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