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During The Chelsea Vs Manchester United Match, I Observed This On The Manchester United Jersey

Good evening to you readers. I want to share my observation to you after I watched the battle between the English rivals; Chelsea and Manchester United. Today was supposed to be the day to draw a clear cut between the two club on who had made more impact this season but the game ended draw.

Apart from watching the match, I observed something that draw my attention. What I observed is about the Manchester United jersey. I observed a unique change and difference between the jersey they wore and the one being sold to fans in the market. From the picture below, you can see that the jersey wore by the players is shaped curved. Look at the circled part of the shirt in the picture below and you will understand what I mean. The shirt is shaped just like most plain white t-shirts. As you can see Harry Maguire in the picture with the shaped jersey, so too all other players. But I think it is not same with the ones fans but. There is a slight difference in them.

Why I am writing this is because I am beginning to ask myself if the jersey produced for sales are not the real jerseys. I don't mean the quality but the design and other features that it carries. I believe the jersey wore by the players and the one sold to fans should be the same in design and shape except the unquality cheap ones. In my own thinking, I feel the jersey should not be different and should have carried the same feature.

See The Real Jersey The Players Are Using.

The One That Is Produced For The Fans.

About the two jerseys, what do you think and what can you say? Have you also observed what I observed?

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