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Meet the most decorated Athlete ever

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Sport is a way of life. Boys and girls have the sports they like while some sports are loved by all.

Decoration as used above means the athlete that has won the most awards. A Footballer can't be the most decorated because the footballer's success depending largely on the team's performance and cooperation.

The most decorated footballer in the world is Dani alves, he is the Footballer with the most trophies won.He has won over 40 trophies throughout his career, Nevertheless the most decorated sports man ever is Michael Phelps.

Olympics is the arguably the largest sports event in the world. It was Incorporated in ancient Greece as a way to entertain the gods.

The likes of Usain bolt were made popular by Olympics.. Michael Fred Phelps is an American swimmer, and the most decorated one ever, as he has won over 28 medals in the Olympics, 25 of which are gold. It's just like saying Ronaldo has 25 Ballon D'or awards, with Puskas awards and golden boots.All images are from Google and Facebook.

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