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La Liga

Ramos: It's A Reward For Our Hard Work And Work

Ramos: "It's a reward for our hard work, our determination and our balanced approach"


"Winning 10 consecutive wins is incredible, it's teamwork," added Courtois.

Real Madrid won the title of champion after defeating Villarreal at Di Stéfano in the penultimate game of the championship season. Sergio Ramos said at the final whistle: "It is a reward for our hard work, determination and balanced approach. When you do the right thing, you get the reward. It is commendable, despite what people "After what happened, it was a different season, but after the block, it was clear to us that we had to win every game to win the title."

"Barcelona had two advantages and, in our head, there was no room for error, and we did it and proved that. Now there are 34 league titles for the club, and that is the fifth part for me personally. Key. We will remember. " like the coronavirus league season, and we hope it doesn't exist anymore. "



"The key is that he is the captain of the ship, and he is the one who has to stand up and make the difference among the others. He has always trusted his players and we support him very well. We believe in him and in his work. Everything he touches turns to gold. It can last a long time and allow people to appreciate its size. He is a unique coach. "

Real Madrid will remain an extension

"For many seasons, the president has wanted. It is not for me. I am happy to be here, and everyone knows it. I would like to end my career here. I am happy and relaxed. I hope I can hang up my shoes here. There. "


Courtois: "Ten consecutive victories are incredible"

"I am so happy. Winning the La Liga with this club is a dream. Our defense was vital. If you score five goals per game you could lose two but after the restart we lose very little and it is important to have this tension in the back. " We attack and defend with 11 men ".


The league

"We have won 10 games in a row."

"I am here to stop goals and score points, just as the attackers have to score. It is a team effort. The goal was to win the match. We treat it like the Euro or the Cup. World, one game at a time. Reaching 10 in a row the wins are incredible and show just how hard everyone worked during their 40s. I totally believed in my team, and what we have done now is obvious. "


"He developed a plan for the team and brought us here. He trusted the team from the start, and we left and we did it."


to build

"My neck hurts a bit, but I think I have a very firm head. The doctor decided that everything was fine for me, I didn't feel trapped and I thought I could continue. "


Asensio: "It was a fantastic race to finish Laligu"

"I am very happy to hold another champion title with this club. A lot of work has been done behind the scenes to reach these important moments, and we are happy to have the opportunity to win another title with Real Madrid You always imagine the best and think positively because You expect the results to be your way, and they did it. It was a great race to finish La Liga, we won 10 consecutive games and , on my behalf, I’m so happy to be able to participate in this league, to enjoy with my teammates and to bring another title to Madrid. "



"First, I wanted to be here and be in shape and, from the team's point of view, we had to win 11 games; left alone, but the link is in the bag. It was a goal, not easy. C is a reflection of the work done by everyone in the club ".


How will you remember this year?

“I remember it because it was a special year with very difficult moments and others full of joy, when I came back from an injury and now from another title with Madrid. I have been suffering for a year and ending the season is so incredible. .

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