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10 Top Footballers Who Have Not Received A Red Card In Their Career

It has become a normal thing for an attacker to play game without tackling it. Tackling is a very important skill of football which most footballers have.

We all know red card is given when a player commits and offensive fowl after much warning. And the red card already disqualify the player from the match as he will be moving out and also not playing other matches.

There lost of football star who have not been victims of the red card. But below we will be looking at just few of them.

The footballer below Include bother those who are retired and also those still playing.

 1. Benzema.

Benizima is popular known as the great striker of all times in Spain, Benizima has had over 540 appearance which in those appearance doesn't have a single red card.

 2. Philip Lahm

Philipp Lahm is a German retired professional footballer who played as a right back or defensive midfielder and spent much of his early career playing left back. He was the captain of Bayern Munich, having led them to numerous honours including the 2013 UEFA Champions League as part of the Treble. He also haven't receive a red card since he started playing.

 3. Andres Iniesta 

The Barcelona player has kept a clean shit by not having red card. He was known for his skills and great performance

 4. Jaoo Moutinho 

Moutinho also has no red card since the he started football. He is known for his energetic and skills in football.

 5. Raul Gonzalez

 He's one of the football legends who played his entire career without a red card..

 6. Ryan Giggs.

7. Michael Platini

8. Gary Lineker

9. Aaron Hughes

10. Damian Duff

Do you know of other players who don't have red card in their football carrier, either retired or still playing.

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