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Aubameyang and Thierry Henry: About maturity and duties of an inspiring leader

Firmness presses the ego and gives way to a new era making Aubameyang and Henry a good leader. Two Arsenal legends that inspired many people.

War generals, at least have two important tasks. First, lead the attack from the front line. Inspire with courage and totality for the country. Second, guard the rear line when the troops retreat. Be the last person to leave the battlefield when his troops retreat.

In between these two big tasks, there is one task of a general that is often forgotten, namely sacrifice. It's not just a matter of sacrifice, but a sacrifice of time and place. Especially when there is one young commander whose career is very bright. The general must give him a place to develop. To later become his successor later.

In football, sacrifice like that can be seen from the two figures of "Arsenal" Arsenal, Thierry Henry and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang. Sacrifices made by the two Arsenal players are actually "ordinary" sacrifices, which are properly made. However, the process of thinking and acting from Henry and Aubemayang is not an easy process.

Henry left Arsenal to join Barcelona. He came as a "legend". Coming at the age of 30, many Barcelona players looked at him "so high". In fact, a Lionel Messi did not dare look Henry in the eye directly. Many view it as Barcelona's core . However, we know, the Messi era has arrived and all must "give way".

One year after Henry joined, Barcelona appointed Pep Guardiola to replace Frank Rijkaard. Guardiola brought a completely new idea. Henry isn't just changing roles . Henry even had to "learn soccer" again at the age of 30 years. And, you know, he welcomed these opportunities and challenges as an adult human being.

We know the term fake winger when Henry plays on the left side of Barcelona. Not a false winger like when playing for Arsenal. false winger gives him freedom to move in all spaces. However, fake winger "limits space" playing Henry on the left side only. However, this "limitation" has a greater purpose.

At Arsenal today, Aubameyang has the same task. Starting the match on the left, really on the left like the left wing. Aubameyang knew that he had to sacrifice himself for Alexandre Lacazette. Aubameyang sacrificed himself for his best friend, for the position of the center striker. Yet we know, in the middle striker's position, Aubameyang's great potential can be seen.

But he never questioned this task. He is a good captain. The Gabonese player still knows his responsibilities and duties as a forward. Despite playing from the left side, Aubameyang remains Arsenal's top scorer. Playing with the ego as hard as possible is not an easy situation. When there is no maturity there, Aubameyang's career will not be this long with Arsenal.

Former Arsenal coach, Unai Emery , owes Aubameyang forever. Aubameyang's contributions are no joke. During September 2019, for example, he always scored in every game. And, all the goals scored by Aubameyang have extraordinary weight.

Equalizing goal against Tottenham Hotspur. Two goals against Watford. The winning goal came from a free kick against Aston Villa. Equalizing goal against the relegation team every season, Manchester United. Without Aubameyang's goals, Arsenal's days would be filled with nightmares avoiding the relegation line.

How important Aubameyang is not only manifested in the statistical record above. His existence as a "person" becomes a crucial point for this team, both on the field, in the dressing room, and outside football. The captain status he bears is not without reason.

Sven Mislintat, a brilliant talent scout and sporting director, sees Aubameyang as a "team player". Aubameyang will put the team ahead of personal records. The player from Gabon does not want to win alone. He wants the team to win "as a team", not just because of the contribution of one person.

"Aubameyang is, perhaps the only, of the ranks of top strikers who are truly" team players ". Strikers like Neymar or Aguero will never give Pepe a penalty kick to score the first goal, "said Mislintat.

"Aubameyang gave Pepe a penalty chance. His instincts were like saying, "Let's make a goal and move forward together". He cares about his colleagues. Since joining Arsenal, according to the coach's orders to play wherever needed. He also helped Lacazette adapt to the English League. "

Become the perfect "team player" done by Henry. He often does fake runs , deceptive moves to attract opposing players so colleagues in the field get space to dribble or pass the ball.

Henry often does it for the sake of Andres Iniesta and Lionel Messi . Of the 10 attempts to attack Barcelona, ​​Henry only had 2 times touched the ball. The rest, he gave "place" for Iniesta and Messi. Two players who are the pillars of the new era of Barcelona.

"I was reminded of the times at Arsenal. I put myself like Dennis Bergkamp. He gave me a place and opportunity to help my development, "Henry said during an interview with Jamie Carragher . He placed himself like a leader , as someone who was mentally mature.

"In Barcelona, ​​everyone knows this young man, Messi, is a special player. If he is trying to do something, we must help him. Personal ambition must be pushed aside. This attitude, in the end, actually helps us as a team, "Henry recalls.

Guardiola was impressed with the sacrifice made by Henry and several other senior players. Senior players who sacrifice and give place to a new era to develop. "All because of extraordinary humility. This gives proof that we are a leader. "

Because humility, determination to get rid of ego, willingness to sacrifice, and keep working hard without complaining make Henry and Aubameyang are inspirations. Two adults who are inspirations for all of you who are now leaders. That in the end, it's all about the team and giving way to a new era.

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