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40 Famous Football Players Whose Brothers Also Play Football (PHOTOS)

The likelihood of becoming a professional footballer is extremely slim. According to The Telegraph, 90% of children who play for professional academies never make it. If you take into account every child who has ever wished to be a footballer, that percentage grows exponentially.

Meanwhile, siblings on the other hand are said to be a blessing – a brother or sister to share the plays, chores, and many other responsibilities around the house. It's wonderful when both of you share similar interests and hobbies, such as football. There are some well-known football brothers.

It is a blessing to have an older sibling who plays football. He not only teaches you everything he knows, but he also assists you in achieving your goals.

There have been many football brothers who have come to play on the world's biggest stage. Some have played together, while others have competed against one another.

Eden Hazard, Paul Pogba, Thiago Alcantara, Khedira, Kylian Mbappe, Batsuayi, Toni Kroos, Anthony Martial, and others are among the 40 players included in this list.

The photos below shows football players whose brothers also play football

Well, some of these players are known as result of their siblings playing in the big teams in the Europe top five league. But nevertheless, it fun having brother who is also a footballer you two could get to play against each other if you're playing for different team.

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