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Opinion: Is this the beginning of the end of the English Premier League?

Wow. This is a lot to digest. I'm still processing everything that's happening at the moment, but one thing is getting clearer to me - we are witnessing the beginning if the end of football as we know it.

On Sunday, reports started spreading like wildfire that several elite football clubs in Europe had agreed to join a breakaway League, the European Super League. These reports were largely met by negative reviews and reactions. But indeed, the clubs involved all released statements confirming their decision to join the breakaway league. The clubs involved are AC Milan, Arsenal, Atletico Madrid, Chelsea FC, FC Barcelona, Internazionale, Juventus, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United, Real Madrid and Tottenham Hotspur.

It is important to know that this move from the elites will damage the state of modern day football. Domestic league football in Europe will change as we know it, but the English Premier League is the focus of this article because it is the mist exciting league in the world. Moreover, the England alone has six clubs breaking away from the League, and that is some massive damage being done to football in England.

The most painful thing about this breakaway Super League is the drive behind it - Greed. Yes, all off this is being done simply because of money. Champions League qualification usually fetches you about £100million. But participating in the Super League would fetch each club over £300million, and more incentives could see clubs pocketing billions of Euros. So it is extremely lucrative financially, and it is mouthwatering, considering the prospect of these top clubs in Europe playing against each other week in week out.

But at what cost?

The elites are going to make more money, but what about the 'smaller' clubs? The Ines who can't usually afford to splash out huge sums of cash in transfer windows? The ones who had to furlough staff and cut the salaries of players during the pandemic, just to make sure ends meet? What is their fate now? And what is the fate of the Premier League, the league we all have come to love? Let's be honest here, the future of the league is looking pretty bleak.

The top six have reiterated that they desire to keep playing in their domestic leagues, but the league Football Associations have said they will not allow it. So if Chelsea, Arsenal, Manchester United, Liverpool, Manchester City and Tottenham Hotspur all decide to leave, what's left of the EPL? Who's going to pay a season's subscription to watch a title race between Leicester, West Ham and Everton? This break out means the league will appear far less lucrative, because of the lack of big teams. As a result, sponsorships are going to reduce drastically, as well as viewerships and attendance from fans, bearing in mind that these are the two main sources of income for leagues in football.

The league will crash. There won't be enough lucrative funds to sustain the clubs due to less investments, and smaller clubs may not be able to sustain themselves. Clubs may begin to fold due to unsustainability. We are talking about the literal death of the Premier League.

Years ago it may have all seemed like a fantasy, and yet, it is happening right before our eyes. Other top flight leagues in Spain and Italy will likely suffer the same fate. All because of the greed of a selection of clubs, who feel they can do whatever they want because of money. It was nice watching the English Premier League. So many memories exists, which will never be forgotten. Unfortunately, it seems like the beginning of the end.

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