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Serie A

Footballers Affected By Convid-19 So Far. Read Details Here.

Footballers may be super heroes but they are super human. They may display rare skills to achieve results but they are not immune to diseases especially diseases with no known cure.

The Coronavirus Pandemic has taught the world a lesson that many doubted, a lesson that we are all humans after all. The rich, the poor, the man at the top hierarchy and the man at the lower chain have beared the brunt of this virus.

There have been records of famous footballers and less famous footballers contracting the virus especially within the first few months of the year 2020 when the virus was relatively unknown and thought to be extremely potent. Countries like China, Italy, Spain, The United Kingdom and The United States of America etc recorded several tens of thousand cases and hundreds of death. The implication is that footballers who after all are humans and live in these countries also contracted the virus. This article will show you 25 footballers who tested positive of the virus, however they have since recovered and are back on the football pitch doing what they know best; Playing football. Check the list below

1. Paulo Dybala (Juventus)

Sometime in March 2020, after being tested positive for the virus, Dybala wrote on twitter

"Hello everyone," "I want to tell you that we got the results of the Covid-19 results and both Oriana and I have tested positive. Luckily, we are both fine. Thanks for your messages."

However after several weeks of treatment, he was declared negative. His club Juventus wrote:

“Paulo Dybala performed, as per protocol, a double-check with diagnostic tests (swabs) for Coronavirus-COVID 19, which came back with negative results. The player has, therefore, recovered and will no longer be subjected to the home isolation regime.”

A claim Dybala affirmed with his own tweet:

“Many people talked in the past weeks … but I can finally confirm that I am healed. Thank you once again for your support and my thoughts on all who are still suffering from it. Take care!”

2. Marouane Fellani (Shadong Luneng)

Belgium international and former Everton and Manchester United player, Marouane Fallani also tested positive for the virus while in China. He confirmed this via his twitter handle

and just like Dybala, after weeks of treatment, he recovered from the virus .

3. & 4. Blaise Matuidi and Daniele Rugani(Juventus)

Matuidi and Rugani are 2 of 3 Juventus player who tested positive for the virus, Dybala being the third. However just like Dybala, they recovered after weeks of treatment.

5. Manolo Gabbiadini(Sampdoria)

Former Napoli and Southampton attacker

Gabbiadini was the second professional player in

Serie A - after Juventus and Italy defender Daniele Rugani - to contract Covid-19. This was confirmed via his club website.

The good news is that he recovered from it and is back on the pitch

6.& 7. Ezequel Garay and Eliaquum Mangala(Valencia).

Valencia was amongst the first few clubs to record a positive case for Coronavirus in Spain when they recorded five cases.

Garay and Mangala confirmed their status via their twitter handle.

"It is clear I have started 2020 badly. "I have tested positive for coronavirus".

Other players to have tested positive for Coronavirus are:

8. Omar Colley( Sampdoria)

9. Albin Ekdal (Sampdoria)

10. Morten Thorsby (Sampdoria)

11. Antonio La Gumina (Sampdoria)

12. Fabio Depaoli ( Sampdoria)

13. German Pezsela (Florentina)

14. Patrick Crutone (Florentina)

15. Dusan Vlahovic (Florentina)

16. Mattia Zaccagni (Hellas Verona)

17. Luca Kilian ( Paderborn)

18. Timo Huber ( Hannover 96)

19. Jannes Horn ( Hannover 96)

20. Hyun-Jun Suk (Troyes)

21. James Bolton (Portsmouth)

22. Andy Cannon (Portsmouth)

23. Sean Ragget (Portsmouth)

24. Haji Minoga (Portsmouth)

25. Paul Onuachu (Genk)

And Mikel Arteta( Arsenal Manager).

The good news about it all is that they have all recovered from the virus and are back on the football pitch or sideline like Arteta.

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