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Meet the only man in the world that can run forever

A 53-year-old Dean karnazes is an ultra-marathon runner and the creator of ultramarathon man he also known as the man who can run forever before, karnazes fame when he was attending kindergarten he began running from home to school. after that, he started participating in sports events including running which he is good at as he grows older he started going the extra mileswhile his fellow runners were able to manage 15 laps of the track at most, Karnazes completed 105. But in his mid-teens, he stopped but on his 30th birthday he has a powerful desire to run after some years he has not been running he set off in the night he started running until 30 miles later. he was asked how he was able to do it he said

"At a certain level of intensity, I do feel like I can go a long way without tiring,” he says. “No matter how hard I push, my muscles never seize up. That’s kind of a nice thing if I plan to run a long way.”

Dean karnazes won competitor magazines 'Endurance athletes of the year' award three times, and also earn ESPN's ESPY award

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