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5 Mistakes Anthony Joshua Made In The Previous Fight Against The New Heavyweight Champion

Every great boxer loses sometimes in their career and last night was no different for the former unified heavyweight boxing champion of the world, no man is invincible in this world and it's perfectly normal to be defeated once in a while. All the great boxers in history from Muhammad Ali to Mike Tyson met opponents that made them crash out at some point in their career despite having an amazing beginning in the sport.

The fight between Anthony Joshua and Oleksandr Usyk has been the most hyped up fight for months now, while everybody expected this to be an easy victory for him. Sadly, it ended tragically for him as he gets stripped of his belt and was outsmarted at every point in those 12 rounds he fought.

While only God determines who will win and who would lose, but there must be some level of preparation from a human as well in order to say that they tried their best. And honestly i don't think A. J was trying his best in that ring, and there are 5 reasons for that.

1. He wasn't trying to aggressively knock out his opponent but rather trying to tire him out.

Anthony Joshua's usually style of boxing is always the aggressive type, he is an in-boxer who relies on power to finish off opponents but in this previous match he was just studying Usyk expecting him to tire out which made the other one to take the lead and rack points against him.

2. His reaction speed and footwork was subpar to the other fighter.

This is also another skill that I believe AJ underestimated, all of his training has been centered on his power. He did little to increase his reaction speed and footwork, a few months ago he shared a video on his Instagram page where he was doing the medicine wall ball blast exercise. If he had focused more of his energy on improving his footwork, it may have turned out differently.

3. He looked disoriented when he entered the ring

The same happened against Andy Ruiz Jr, A. J didn't look like a man out for blood but rather he looked disoriented. He couldn't hit Usyk with anything powerful and couldn't close the distance to use his uppercuts which made history repeat itself.

4. He couldn't adapt to the fight

During the fight, A. J dominated Usyk by taking the centre of the ring but the Ukrainian was more cleverer and adapted to the flow. He kept on using the same tactics in order to defeat him which made his opponent to utilize his elusive footwork to throw punches after punches at him.

5. He was being too precautious and defensive

As the fight dragged on it seemed that AJ wasn't going to finish up his opponent, he played it too safe and focused on his defense instead of bringing out the combos to overwhelm his opponent, and also bring out the uppercut that he is good at.

So what do think about these 5 blunders A. J made? And how do you think he can improve? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section.

Source: Google, DAZN boxing

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