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FIFA Approve Five Substitution System For Next Season

It has been announced that all clubs will be allowed a total of five substitutions throughout next season. This is to allow clubs to rotate their squad to cope with next season's congested fixture list.

This is a welcome development as the new substitution system has helped many clubs to keep their players fresh during this period of constant football.

Does The Five Substitution System Favour Only Certain Clubs?

There is an argument being made by the "small" clubs which have small squads that this new system gives the big clubs an unfair advantage over them as they have more resources in terms of players. Some pundits and soccer analysts feel these clubs' concerns are justified. But is this actually the case? From my point of view the new substitution system is a blessing for academy players as these clubs with small squads will be forced to field them, therefore next season will be filled with a lot of break out stars in different clubs. It's an exciting time to be a young player.

What do you feel about this announcement from FIFA?

Does it favour the big clubs alone?

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FIFA Five Substitution System


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