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Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo: Their Goal and Assists Statistics (This Campaign)

These two great player have conquered the world as a whole, what they have achieved is great and they are still one of the very best player in the world, they will be solely missed in the world of football, well let see their goals and assist contributions these season.

Lionel Messi statistics

The Best player in Spain playing with the op club Barcelona have achieved almost everything in club level and he is still performing at top Kevel despite hitting 33 years of age these season, well he is one kind of player that is hard to mark when he is with ball his greatest attribute includes curve king, Free kick specialise, great dribbler and more.

These season he played a total of 42 games scoring 30 times and also assisted 26 times these tenure

Cristiano Ronaldo statistics

Cristiano Ronaldo is a currently playing for Juventus and also Portuguese captain, Despite being 35 years old he is still playing at a very top level and is not looking in slowing down any moment from now, he is a great dribble that make him hard to mark.

These season he played a total of 41 games scoring 32 goals and 7 assists.

Who achieved more these tenure.

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