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Why Newcastle Should Ignore Klopp's Warning That Money Does Not Buy Success

After the acquisition of Newcastle United, some stakeholders have continued expressing their opinion concerning Newcastle United's Saudi Arabia takeover. For some people, Newcastle United's Saudi Arabia takeover is a good thing that will benefit the Premier League. However, Jurgen Klopp condemned the takeover and warned Newcastle United that money does not guarantee success.

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There are so many reasons why Jurgen Klopp's statement of how money does not buy success should be ignored by Newcastle United. This article will focus on some of the reasons why Klopp's statement concerning the Newcastle United takeover should be ignored by the Newcastle supporters.

1. There are ample examples that prove that money buys success:

Over the years, we have seen a lot of European clubs that turned their fortunes because of huge investments that were pumped into the club. Some of the notable clubs that transformed into world-class teams because of the huge investment that was pumped into the club include PSG and Manchester City.

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Manchester City and PSG are where they are today because of the amount of money that has been pumped into the teams for many years. The owners of Manchester City and PSG are among the richest in football and as such, they have no problem with spending big in the transfer market. Chelsea became a reputable club after it was bought by Abramovich many years ago.

Money buys quality players and quality players can put any football team in the position to win trophies. If Manchester City, Chelsea, PSG, and many others can successfully use their money to boost their teams, there is nothing that will stop Newcastle from doing the same.

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2. Money can buy quality players which guarantees success:

No football club will invest as much as Manchester City, PSG, and Real Madrid have invested in the last 15 years without becoming successful. If a team has money like Newcastle currently has, they can acquire any player they want to buy, and having a star-studded side which will give any football team an edge over others.

Newcastle United should ignore what Klopp said because the likes of Liverpool, Chelsea, Manchester United, PSG, Real Madrid, and Barcelona are considered some of the best teams in the world because of the money they have and their willingness to spend it. It is hard to imagine Newcastle United not becoming successful in the nearest future.

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3. With the amount of money Newcastle United now has, they will be able to retain their valuable players:

One big problem that most small clubs face is the problem of retaining their best players. Most times, you find out that most small clubs often sell their biggest players to big teams because they need money or because the players want to go to big clubs. With the type of cash Newcastle United now has, they can buy good players and they can also retain the good ones they already have.

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Newcastle United must ignore what Klopp is saying because, with the amount of money they now control, success will surely locate them. Newcastle United now has money so retaining their good players won't be an issue and signing new ones will be easier. It won't be long before success locates Newcastle United.

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