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5 Funniest WWE Moments

1. Titus World Slide:

In what seemed to have been dangerous, Titus Oneil tripped at the biggest event for the Saudi Arabians, Greatest Royal Rumble pay per view event of 2018 while making his entrance.

He was running as always, but hold on. That was some good slide right? To some of us who haven't heard of it or even seen it, the picture below shows the exact sequence even the commentators had no choice other than laughing.

2. Baron Corbin shaves his hair:

No no no, don't tell Corbin is better without his hair. Baron Corbin looked better with his natural hair which got the attention of the ladies.

A really funny moment was when Baron Corbin came to the entrance ramp and said he's gonna be in charge of the Raw brand (a Constable) with his bald head. What? No wonder he was fit for the brand as no one has ever managed the Raw rooster with long hair.

3. Shinsuke Nakamura's hype:

This may not sound very funny, but if you watched the storyline of Shinsuke Nakamura and Aj Styles before Wrestlemania 35, you'll find it funny.

A really funny moment was when Shinsuke Nakamura failed to defeat Aj Styles thus, making him turn heel. What a funny moment and a waste of talent, take two minutes to think of how Nakamura would have been by now and what championship he would have won.


At TLC 2017, Dean Ambrose battled Aj Styles for the WWE championship. Both men inflicted a lot of damage to themselves and this resulted in Aj Styles tight loosening at the back. The rest is history.

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