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The Reason I Think Ronaldo Would Have Been A Professional Fighter If He Hadn't Become A Footballer

Without an iota of doubt, Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the greatest footballers and sportsmen to have graced the screens of millions of people around the world. The Portuguese has shown countless times why he deserves to be called a winner and a challenger despite his current age. He's one footballer who is known to be very conscious of his diet and physique and that has made him stay fit and agile for the past few years.

Ronaldo whose life has been all about the game of football hasn't denied that he loves watching other sports on TV rather than football. In 2020 when he was asked by Gennady Golovkin in an interview, he said: "Between watching a football match or a boxing or UFC fight, I choose boxing or UFC."

During that interview, he also revealed that he had done some boxing training when he was quite young with a coach at Manchester United but he doesn't see himself getting into the ring someday.

UFC Fight

Despite the fact that he acknowledged he wouldn't be in the ring, the 'fight' industry is one where he seems to have many friends and the amazing thing is that he seemed to have found a way to win their hearts. Many fighter have posed with him over the past few years and it raises the question of whether Ronaldo would have ventured into boxing if he didnt take up football.

These are only personal assumptions but the player's physique, diet and mentality towards fitness has placed him as one of the sportsmen who would have done well either in boxing or UFC fights subject to him receiving the right training.

Even whilst being interviewed by Gennady Golovkin who is also a boxing superstar, Ronaldo had some time with the punching bags and the video was uploaded on YouTube that same year; the boxing superstar also said Ronaldo looked like a real fighter.

Ronaldo and Golovkin

Not many footballers can boast of the wide range of friends the Portuguese has in the fight industry including superstars like Floyd Mayweather, Anthony Joshua, Conor McGregor and Khabib Nurmagomedov.

Last weekend when Manchester United played Everton, it was reported that Khabib Nurmagomedov met with Ronaldo and the boxer posted some pictures of himself with Ronaldo on his Instagram page.

Ronaldo and Khabib

Below are pictures of Ronaldo taken alongside other superstars of the fight industry;

Ronaldo and Mayweather

Ronaldo and McGregor

Ronaldo and Badr Hari 

Ronaldo and Anthony Joshua

Ronaldo and Fabricio Werdum

For instance, Usain Bolt kept talking about his love for football until he was able to play for few weeks in Australia after he was done with Athletics while Wayne Rooney was and is still a lover of boxing even before joining Everton at a young age. Rooney whose Uncle owns a gym claimed in previous Interview that boxing helped him as a kid more than football because it takes children of the streets.

Pofessional sportsmen have the tendency and mentality to switch sporting careers at some point of their lives subject to the right conditions. Personally, I think Ronaldo who meets certain fight conditions might have been in the industry if he hadn't become a footballer or if he continued to train probably under a professional boxing coach and not the one he met at Manchester United.

Rooney having a boxing training session

Ronaldo over time doesn't speak much about other sports the way he does about boxing and Mixed Martial Arts; the fact that he's done well to become friends with many fighters and has physically involved himself through training sessions, I believe that boxing is the next sport which is closest to the Portuguese's heart if he had the chance to choose another career.

Image Credits: Instagram || Ronaldo & Golovkin, ESPN, Marca, Evening News, Getty Images

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