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Premier League

Big Weekend For Manchester United, Chelsea, Rodger, Arsenal, Leads Matches

 Match To Watch - Man United v Chelsea

After three matches with Leicester for the remaining places in the Champions League, the two rested with a leisurely semi-final of the FA Cup.

For each manager who participates in the youth club legend, the FA Cup victory will be a welcome, preliminary, sweet cutting tool to confirm this promise, especially when it comes to the fourth final which neither team can honestly say. This must have started the season for security reasons.

Man United is clearly in better shape at the moment. Chelsea's good results have generally been offset by some worrying bad losses at West Ham and Sheffield United.

But Chelsea also beat Manchester City after the restart, and what do you like about the team that has a right and wrong end 3-2 points and a right end and wrong 3-0 points in five matches?

Man United played some great things, but they were lucky against Palace on Thursday night after stumbling at Southampton.

What you have here is the semifinals for the trophy between two big clubs, both of which play very well but are far from playing football with young managers of the future. This is a good material for Sunday nights.

Arsenal A Team To Watch

Arsenal took over Manchester City in the second semifinal. It's easy to play Arsenal's win over Liverpool on Wednesday night. There is no doubt that the champions are not the same country where they were before the title was blocked, and both Arsenal's goals against them in the first round of the Emirates were full of prizes.

But it will ignore the impressive solidity and unlikely defense they showed in the second half when Liverpool reached them. Maybe we will learn a little about how Arsenal won 2-1. We learned a lot about how they defended it. Something they make is quite comfortable in the end.

And with all the Liverpool talks having nothing to play, Arsenal must have good reason to roam. League persecution in Europe is almost over. The FA Cup offers a way of redemption this season, no matter how difficult the semi-finals and potential bosses are.

But frustration with the NLD has been overcome, and if they defeat the country they recently set an impressive record, they can face other countries with new confidence

Players to watch - Dominic Solanke

What if these two goals against Leicester open the spotlight? You might not wake up, but what if they do? Now or never for Bournemouth, with three points, the only result that can be received from a quasi-derby on Sunday against rival Southampton on the south coast, who hides in the middle of the table and has nothing to worry about.

However, we included Mikhail Antonio in this section last week and discussed all the other interesting games elsewhere, and everyone seems to be doing well.

Brendan Rodgers,Manager To Watch

How Leicester and his manager need a win over Sheffield United on Thursday. It was far, far more like a country that had been dumped for several months. That's still a total of 17 points in the last 15 Premier League matches, which is bad, but at least Brendan Rodgers and his players seem to know what they're doing in the end.

With Chelsea and Man United in a match against each other, Rodgers' team had the opportunity to put pressure on Spurs with three points, which served as a kind of warning from Leicester's history.

Spurs are a perfect example of what can happen next season, even if you somehow manage to finish the previous one and stumble out with your henhouse.

Strangely, Spurs are technically one of the emerging division teams who have collected 14 points and 10 out of four matches since the project restarted since Sheffield United dropped the ball at the Bramal Lane Theater less than two weeks ago.

Spurs took small steps to restore the dignity they had spent this season and refused. At the Derby in North London - and especially at Newcastle this week - there is no doubt that there is evidence of a team approaching a very agreed plan.

It makes an interesting game. Neither side is full of optimism, but both seem to be on an upward trend after some traumatic decline. This may be just a face-to-face match, a description that tends to offend both teams and is therefore ideal.

Game Football League Watch - Derby vs Leeds

Leeds can be promoted long before Sunday. That could happen tonight if West Brom did not beat Huddersfield, or Saturday if Brantford did not beat Stoke. Even if West Brom and Brantford win, that is enough to avoid defeat in the derby. Basically, we're saying here that this has an excellent opportunity to become an advertising party in one way or another, and who doesn't want Leeds to throw a party? Everyone likes Leeds.

Leeds United - There are only 6 important matches (2 Leeds, 2 West Brom, 2 Brentford). Each of them has 3 possible results, so there are 729 permutations (3 ^ 6). Leeds ended the season at least 1 point ahead of third place.

Watch European Games - Rome vs Inter

After Real Madrid completed the Spanish title this week, the focus is on Italy, where Inter really need to use the game 24 hours earlier than Juventus and eat a lead with six points. It won't be easy for fifth-class Roma, but Inter seem to have stopped sending players to every game that might be the best.

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