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World Cup 2022: Why VAR Should Be Used During The African Playoffs

The first round of the 2022 African World Cup qualifiers has ended, and 10 teams progressed to the Playoffs. Also, note that the draw for the playoffs will be done next month.

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The 10 teams that qualified to the playoffs are Nigeria, Egypt, Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco, Senegal, Ghana, Cameroon, Mali, and DR Congo. However, this article will be talking about why the Video Assistant Referee (VAR) should be used during the upcoming African Playoffs. Read carefully!

Photo: The VAR area || Twitter

1. To Avoid A Repeat Of What Happened During The match between Ghana and South Africa.

Photo: Ghana VS South Africa || Twitter

Recall that the World Cup qualifier match between Ghana and South Africa stirred thousands of reactions on social media. Ghana was awarded a controversial penalty, and this penalty ensured that South Africa didn't progress to the World Cup playoffs. Note that the Referee would have had a second look assuming VAR was present. Therefore, these kinds of situations must be avoided during the playoffs.

Photo: The moment Ghana was awarded a Penalty against South Africa || Video Screenshots

2. Since The Playoffs are Very Crucial, the Video Assistant Referee Would Help Reduce Human Errors.

Photo: The moment Collins' goal was ruled out for offside against Liberia || Twitter

Humans are not perfect, and the introduction of VAR would reduce the number of wrong decisions made by the referee. For example, wrongly awarded goals can be canceled with the help of VAR. Also, tackles can be reviewed by the Video Assistant Referee.

3. Lastly, the use of the Video Assistant Referee Would ensure that a team Wins a game without controversy. Hence, using the Video Assistant Referee means the African qualification to the 2022 World Cup would be done fairly.

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