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Is it true that Arsenal has never been relegated? Here is a revelation

Arsenal has Neva been related how true? Check out this unveiling secret

Which English football teams have never been relegated from all top league?

We are looking for soccer live scores, football fixture.

There is currently no football club playing in the top division of English football pyramid, that has never been relegated.

Some people insist that Arsenal have never been relegated from the top flight. That’s not true.

I think this misconception about Arsenal never being relegated is due to the fact that the club has changed its name a couple of times. Founded as Dial Square in 1886 and renamed as Royal Arsenal shortly after, the club changed it’s name again - this time to Woolwich Arsenal in 1893. And under the name of Woolwich Arsenal the club got relegated in 1913.

Soon after that (also in 1913) they changed their name to Arsenal. So yes, the team has never been relegated as Arsenal, but because the club was founded in 1886, Dial Square, Royal Arsenal, Woolwich Arsenal and Arsenal are/were different names to the same club.

And that means that Arsenal was relegated as Woolwich Arsenal in 1913. They returned to the top flight soon after in 1919 (already as Arsenal), and since then Arsenal have never been relegated and have become one of the most successful English football clubs.

So can I boldly say no team in England that has never been relegated?

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