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What Happens When A Football Referee Scores A Goal Accidentally

A referee is a person whose major responsibility is to enforce all football rules and regulations and who performs the following duties: 

1.Controlling the football contest and safeguarding the safety of all players. 

2.Putting an end to or suspending a contest. 

3.Keep the records of all matches played during their matches they ref.

Despite the aforementioned functions, referees can make mistakes during a match, such as stopping a ball or scoring a goal, among other things. What happens if a referee scores a goal during a live match by accident? 

A referee is always a part of the game and is regarded neutral, but in cases of favor, he or she might be handed a red card or disqualified. If a referee scores a goal by accident during a live match, the following can be ruled out according to FIFA rules and regulations. 

1.If the ball is hit by the referee and it goes inside the goal, the goal is counted depending on which team held the ball at the time the game and ball were in motion. The referee, like the goal Post, is counted as part of the item if the ball hits and enters the goal. 

2.In the event that the referee unintentionally prevents a goal from being scored, the goal is also not counted. It begins with a goal kick.

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