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Opinion: Chelsea Deserve To Be Respected, Here's what They've Done That Other London Sides Couldn't

Chelsea Football Club kept on showing why there are the Pride of London and King of London with their consecutive winning of Trophies over the years while the likes of Tottenham and Arsenal don't want to agree to the fact they're greater than them In many ways.

Well, I will like to let all the Londoners club know that Chelsea deserves to be respected after I Noticed this fact, it is still not spoken enough about how Chelsea rose since 2003 to become the best in London up till now.

There is something I noticed about all three London teams, The Last time Arsenal Won the EPL was in 2004, while Tottenham hasn't won 1 since the Premier League was reformed, well the last EPL title Chelsea won was in 2016-17 but this isn't what I Noticed.

Chelsea, Arsenal, Tottenham all do play in Either the Europa League and the Champions League but just two teams haven't won Those European trophies before. When Chelsea plays in Europa League, they win it, Arsenal Thinks it that easy but they've been going into the competition since all this while but they couldn't win it, same goes for Tottenham.

Europa League isn't for the likes of Chelsea but if they qualify for the Competition they surely win it, Chelsea currently holds one Champions a league and two Europa Leagues while the likes of Arsenal and Tottenham have none.

Henceforth give Chelsea more credit, and all respect to be called the King of London.

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