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Check out The Protective Equipment Every Gridiron Football Player Must Have.

There are various types of sports in the world. The number of sports in the world is over eight thousand. Every country has its unique types of sports. One of the most popular types of sports is football. There are various types of football games. One of these football games is Gridiron Football.

Gridiron football is also known as North American football. Gridiron football is one of the most interesting sports in the world. Gridiron football is primarily played in the United States and Canada.Gridiron football consists of eleven players on each team. Gridiron football is similar to rugby. The difference between gridiron football and rugby is the use of protective equipment.

Gridiron football players wear a lot of protective equipment to avoid injuries. Protective equipment is worn to protect the body during a football match. The protective equipment used by gridiron players is:

(1) Helmet:The helmet is one of the most important pieces of protective equipment in gridiron football. The helmet protects every part of the head. It is made of strong plastic and metal. It also has thick padding on the inside.

2. Shoulder Pad: The shoulder pad protects the shoulder, chest, and ribs from injury.It is also made of plastic.

3. Jockstrap: The jockstrap is one of the most important pieces of protective equipment. The jockstrap protects the delicate organs in the pelvis region.

4. Footwear: footwear is an essential piece of protective equipment.The footwear is designed for games on grass.

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