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Open Letter To Pep Guardiola From An Angry Chelsea Fan, On Behalf Of #FPL Managers

Dear Pep, I am writing this peice to you in full disappoinment and anger.

It's been times without number you spoil my #FPL plans with you so called Pep roulette.The latest being you benching the likes of Kevin De Bruyne, Riyad Mahrez, IIkay Gundogan, Phil Foden among others.

I literally don't know if you care about our Fpl points at all. I know you're focused on winning the league, but our mental health matters too. I remember triple captaining Gundogan during a fantastic Double Gameweek in which he scored me 54 points in his first game. What happened afterwards, he benched him.

Even as a Chelsea fan, I like to see Manchester City win, that is certain, but then you hurting my Fpl, brings me and other Fpl managers more pains as well. I know you don't care about our virtual games and all but please once in a while, try to consider our mental health. It means a lot to us Sir.

Here are some reactions from fans on Twitter as a result of your decisions to bench lots of these classic Fpl assets.

A fan replied: I triple captained Dias

Another fan replied: Nah pep I’ve had enough of you I’m getting rid of all my city players

Another fan replied: RIP to those who don’t invest in a bench

Another fan replied: This is one of the reasons why I don't always want to use city's players on my FPL🤦🤦 imagine I have 3 of these guys in my team and this bald man decided to put Dem all on the bench.i even bought Foden

Another fan replied thus: I might actually sue this Pep guy. This pep guy is making us miserable on fantasy 😅.

Source: Official FPL Twitter

As you can see from the comments, lots of Fpl Managers are not happy. Pep Guardiola is ruining our Fpl journey week in week out.Sometimes I just feel like deleting the app from my phone. Pep Guardiola roulette is not helping me all. Kindly help us look into this matter Sir.

Thank you Sir

From A Chelsea fan that likes Manchester City and hates Manchester United and as well, on behalf of Fpl Managers,


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