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Neymar Vs Depay: Who Dresses Better And Has More Swag ? (See Pictures)

When it comes to dressing and swag among football players, Neymar Junior and Memphis Depay have to be on the very top of the list of players who got the best dressing and swag.

The Brazilian international, Neymar Jr is known for his skillful and exuberant style of play on the pitch. But what many don't know is that the former Barcelona forward dresses with almost the swagger and style he plays with.

In this article I would be comparing Neymar's dressing and swag to none other than Memphis Depay. The Dutch international is also another player who showcases as much style in his dressing as he does on the field and i believe he has an incredible dress sense and swag to stand a chance against Neymar Jr.

Here's are some pictures of the two footballer.


Memphis Depay

Wow, fantastic. I love how both players carry themselves off the field and their dressing is certainly impressive.

But the question now is, who dress better and has more swag ? For me, I'll give it to Memphis Depay and that is because of the first two pictures. Too lit.

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