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Top 10 Players With The Most Red Cards

Due to the viciousness of football players, cards were introduced to punish them some decades ago.

Here are the players with the most Red cards:

10) Vinnie Jones

Vinnie Jones a footballer turned actor played for Chelsea during his career. He had a total of 12 red cards. He also holds the record for the quickest ever booking in a match against Sheffield United in 1992 when he received a yellow card just three seconds into the match! Wow!

9) Mauricio Pochettino

This one came as a shock to me. He played as a center back for Bordeaux, Espanyol and PSG. In his entire career, he received a total of 13 red cards.

8) Felipe Melo

He received 14 red cards in his career.

7) Yannik Cahuzac

He plays for a ligue 2 team. The defensive midfielder has had a total of 17 red cards. When he played for Bastia, in 2016/17 he had three red cards in four games!

6) Pablo Alfaro

He received a total of 18 red cards.

5) Paolo Montero

He received 21 red cards in his career.

4) Alexis Ruano Delgado

He plays for a Spanish second division club. He recorded 22 red cards.

3) Cyril Mool

He has played for only French clubs. He is a reckless player and has recorded 25 red cards and 187 yellow cards.

2) Sergio Ramos

No surprise here. He is a physical and aggressive player. He holds the record for most Red cards in La liga. He has a total of 26 red cards.

1) Gerardo Beyado

The former Colombian international received a staggering 46 red cards! After he stopped playing football, he began to coach. In his first game in charge, he was also sent off!

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