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UEFA Champions League

See Why Leipzig Will Win Champions League Ahead Of Barcelona, Juventus, Madrid & Bayern. (Opinion).

The Champions League will soon resume, and all eyes are already on the big trophy. Who will take away the trophy from Liverpool, who won it last season? Well, it seems that it will be won by underdogs, Leipzig football club. I know you will be wondering why, but I will make you see reasons with me, as to why Leipzig will win the trophy.

First of all, let us have a look at the quarter final fixtures.

Leipzig football club are pretty much in good form to defeat Atletico Madrid. The Madrid team have lost their form, while Leipzig will outplay them, and make it to the semifinals. See the badge of Leipzig below, If you don't know the club.

Also, see the badge of Atletico Madrid, you might know the Madrid team that I am talking about.

Then as for Real Madrid and Manchester City football clubs, Manchester City already have an upper hand, they will win, while Lyon football club will hold on to their 1 goal lead against Juventus football club, and then meet Manchester City football club. Below is the batch and players of Manchester City football team if you don't know them.

Also, this is the batch of Real Madrid as well, so you would know the team I am talking about.

Below is the badge of Juventus if you dont know them.

Also, see the batch of Lyon Football club if you dont know them as well.

As for Manchester City and Lyon match, just like Lyon football club took Juventus football cub unawares, they will also win Manchester city and make it to the semifinals.

Going forward, Barcelona are no longer in form, Napoli football club will win them and then they will slug it out with Bayern Munich who will win Chelsea football club, as they already hold a huge advantage over Chelsea. They will now meet Lyon, and also win Lyon. Let me show you the badge of Bayern Munich, you might not know the club i am talking about.

This is batch of Barcelona.

This is the badge of Chelsea football club.

Bayern Munich will most likely win Lyon football club, and make it to the semifinals.

As for Atalanta football club and Paris Saint German football club, Atalanta are very much in form, and Paris Saint Germain Club are not fit competitively, so Atalanta will win and complete the semifinal teams. This is Paris Saint Germain badge.

While this is Atalanta football club badge and players.

So the remaining 4 teams are Leipzig football club, Atalanta football club, Bayern Munich and Lyon.

So, according to Champions league pairing, if the above teams should qualify for the semifinals, they will be paired like this.

Leipzig will win Atalanta surprisingly while Lyon will Win Bayern Munich as well, surprising to say.. The finals will now be between Leipzig and Lyon. Leipzig will finally win the trophy, because they will play as underdogs and then outplay Atalanta football club. That is why i said that they will win the tournament.

Do you think I am wrong? Tell me how i am wrong in the comment section if you think so. If not, please like and share this article. You can also follow me for more interesting articles. Thank you.

Content created and supplied by: DrMichaels (via Opera News )

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