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Reasons Why Manchester United And Chelsea Champion League Qualification Is Already Guaranteed

As a Manchester United true fan you will agree with me that Manchester United have not taken every opportunity to top Chelsea given to them. Using the recent match against Southampton for example where Manchester United should easily have become 3rd on the table but end up with just a point. Same stories goes for the entire season where Chelsea will loose a match and they will also loose or draw.

Chelsea on the other hand have been lucky and at the same time their hard work have kept them going. Despite having a young team nobody gave a chance they have proof they can compete for next season league title.

The premier league is still ongoing and today Tottenham is set to welcome Leciester City. This is a must win for Mourinho side as they need to qualify for Europa cup next season after missing out on champion league spot. Tottenham loosing this match gives Wolves and Sheffield United an advantage over them and this Tottenham will try and avoid. Tottenham winning today means Leciester have just three point to get against Manchester United in their last match of the season.

A win for Tottenham gives Manchester United and Chelsea more confidence. Chelsea still are very much in trouble as well as they face Liverpool. Liverpool home record has been amazing and a win or draw here is possible giving Manchester United another advantage.

Home match for Manchester United against West Ham should be an easy win. The fact Leciester City and Chelsea both have a tough match away means a team will sure drop point.

Finally on the last match of the season where Leciester City will welcome Manchester United, this game is likely ending up a draw. Chelsea also welcome Wolves where Chelsea have home advantage and a win is good enough for them.

Using this we can safely presume Manchester United and Chelsea have high potential of making third and fourth on the table. This will further boost their transfer as the both team needs more players.

From the table below we can see it just a point difference for Chelsea and Manchester United. And Leciester City at the mercy of Tottenham for next season champion league.

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