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The Story Of Lubomir Vajecka, The Footballer Who Proposed To A Lineswoman At A Football Match

As beautiful as the game of football is, there is nothing romantic about the sport. This is why we should be very grateful to Lubomir Vajecka for doing something we have never seen before in the game of football.Photo credit: Getty Images

He created a romantic moment that will forever be special in the hearts of every single spectator that was there on that day when he proposed to the female assistant referee just minutes before kickoff.

Many of us have been in football for so many years and we have never witnessed anything like that. It was a very special moment that the lady later decribed as the "the best day of my life."

This happened in the 5th tier of Slovakian football. Lubomir Vajecka who is a player of FK Nizna was in the starting line up of his team as they traveled to play Tatran.

Before the kickoff, Lubomir Vajecka did the most unexpected thing ever: he got down on one knee and proposed to the lineswoman who happened to be his girlfriend.Photo credit: Getty Images

Her name is Petra Lepackova and she described that moment as the best day of her life on social media.Photo credit: Getty Images

Football is such an intense sport that sometimes we forget that these players and most especially the referees are human beings like us. Most of the time when a referee or an assistant referee makes the news, it is because of something negative.

So to see that a player and a referee decide to spend the rest of their lives together and to do it on the football field in front of the fans is one of the most romantic things I've ever heard or read about.

Now that we're seeing a lot of female officials in the top leagues, hopefully one of these days we see something like this happen again.

Lubomir Vajecka and Petra Lepackova did something beautiful and special and I certainly can't wait to see another player take a cue from the Nizna player.

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