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Premier League Dominated The List Of European Clubs With The Most Goals Conceded in The 21st Century

In Europe, premier league clubs have dominated the list of clubs with the most goals conceded in the 21st Century. The first club on the list is Watford they have conceded 1359 goals in 954 games. West ham is the third premier league club on the list, they have conceded 1338 goals in 927 games, while Tottenham is the next club on the list, they have conceded 1308 goals in 1043 games.

From 6th to ninth position belongs to premier league club, Norwich city (1295 goals), New castle conceded 1290 goals while Aston villa and Leicester city conceded 1279 goals in 949 and 998 games.

Southampton is ranked eleventh on the list. They have conceded 1255 goals in 965 games, while Burnley is ranked 13th after they conceded 1252 goals in 933 games. Arsenal is ranked 14th on the list after they conceded 1251 goals in 1165 games.

Real Madrid also made the list they are ranked 15th, they have conceded 1238 goals in 1164 games. Wolves also made the list, they conceded 1222 goals in 944 games. La Liga clubs dominated from 11th position to 20th position.

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