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Seven footballers that have scores a remarkable hat trick

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I would like to analyze the list of seven (7) footballers that have score a remarkable hat tricks. Scoring a hat trick in a match requires a lot of hardwork, self confidence and grace because at times it is not by might or wisdom.

These seven (7) players that will be discussed below have really put in their best to score three or more goals in a match.

Cristiano Ronaldo, the juventus star is regarded to be the highest hat trick scorer by scoring 3 or more goals 54 times while Leo Messi gain his own hat trick record by scoring 3 or more goals 51 times.

See the full list below:

7) Radamel Falcao :

See photo below:

Radamel falcao has score a total of twelve hat tricks so far.

6) Edinson Cavani:

See photo below:

Edinson Cavani has score a total of fifteen hat tricks.

5) Sergio Aguero:

See photo below:

Sergio Aguero has score a total of seventeen hat tricks so far.

4) Robert Lewandowski:

See photo below:

Robert Lewandowski has score a total of twenty two hat tricks so far.

3) Luis Suarez:

See photo below:

Luis Suarez has score a total of twenty nine hat tricks so far.

2) Leo Messi:

See photo below:

Leo Messi has score a total of fifty four hat tricks.


1) Cristiano Ronaldo:

See photo below:

Cristiano Ronaldo being the highest hat tricks scorer has score a total of fifty six hat tricks so far.

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Cristiano Ronaldo Edinson Cavani Radamel Radamel Falcao


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