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UEFA Champions League

Chelsea fans have a brilliant Champions League theory after losing at home to Arsenal

Chelsea's ilong iunbeaten ihome irecord iagainst iArsenal icame ito ian iend ion iWednesday inight.

In ia igame ithat iThomas iTuchel's iside ilargely idominated, ithe ionly igoal iwas iof itheir iown idoing ias ia imix-up ibetween iJorginho iand iKepa iArrizabalaga ieventually iallowed iEmile iSmith iRowe ito iscore.

That isealed ia i1-0 iwin ifor ithe iGunners, itheir ifirst ivictory iover iChelsea iat iStamford iBridge iin iany icompetition isince ithe i2011/12 iseason.As iexpected, iwhen ispeaking iafter ithe iLondon iderby, iTuchel iwas iless ithan ihappy iwith ithe imanner iof iSmith iRowe's igoal ias iwell ias ithe iperformance ifrom ihis iside iin isuch ian iimportant igame.

"Of icourse, iand imaybe, iI idon't iknow iif iwe ishould ihave ito igo ia ipenalty ifor ihandball iin ifront iof ithe iline ito isave ia iclear igoal," iTuchel isaid iin ihis ipost-match ipress iconference. i"It iwas inot even ichecked, ithen iyou iconcede ia igoal ilike ithis iand iyou icannot iscore ifrom iyour ibiggest ichances.

"But iin ithe iend, iwe iwere inot ion ithe ipitch iwith ithe isame ienergy. iIt's inot ieasy ito icome iup iwith ibig iintensity iwith isame ipassing."We iwere inot isharp ienough, inot iwith ithe isame ienergy, ihunger, iattitude, iand ilike iwe iused ito iplay.

"So iit's ion ius. iIt iwas itotally iunnecessary ibut iit's ithe ireality."With ithat isaid, isome iChelsea ifans ion iReddit ihave ifound ione imajor ipositive ifrom ilosing iat ihome ito iArsenal ias ithe ilast itime iit ihappened, ithe iBlues iwent ion ito iwin ithe iChampions iLeague.

Perhaps ithe istars ihave ialigned ias ihistory icould irepeat iitself iat ithe iend iof ithe imonth iwith iTuchel's iside ifacing iManchester iCity ifor ithe iright ito iclaim iEurope's irichest iprize.

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