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After Okada Man Refused To Turn Off Engine While Refilling His Fuel Tank, Check What Happened Next

Petrol is a highly inflammable liquid that should be handled with utmost carefulness as it's burning can he very destructive. People, especially commercial drivers and some private drivers are oblivious of the risk they put themselves in by doing some certain things at the fuel station.

In every fuel station, one must see a no smoking sign, no use of cellphone sign and off your engine sign. These signs are very important to prevent unnecessary fire outbreak but most times people ignore these things and do as they please. Also, fuel station should be strict in making their customers to abide by the rules.

A video which surfaced online, instagram to be precise, depicts what happens when individuals refuse to turn off their engine while refilling their fuel tank. An okada man who went to a fuel station to refill his tank was ignorant of the sign and didn't turn off his engine, while the fuel attendant was refilling his tank, the engine sparked fire and the fire started spreading. They ran off immediately to safety while the fire continue to increase, some brave individuals took risk and went closer and attempted to put off the fire using fire extinguisher. See video:-

This also show the importance of always having a fire extinguisher in every institution or vehicle in case of an emergency. After this video was shared on Instagram by some bloggers like Famous Blog NG and others, it got people talking and blaming the fuel attendant for the whole issue. If he refused to turn off his engine, then she should not have sold to him to be on a safe side, people reacted. See some screenshots below of how people reacted on this video:+

Source:- Famous Blog NG || Instagram App.

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