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Becoming Fit is Easy and Fun.

Are you having sleepless nights, lacking in confidence, stressed, depressed, out of shape and often out of breath? You have all these signs because you are not fit. When you are fit, you feel lighter on your feet, you gain self-confidence and you are less prone to illness and disease.

 Being fit is synonymous with physical and mental well-being. Those who exercise regularly have more stamina and strength than those who don’t exercise. For example athletes back from injury cannot perform at the same level as their colleagues that are performing regularly and injury free. Also being fit equips you to handle life’s daily stress better. For example you may notice that between two workers in a multi-storey building who took the stairs to come to work that one may enter the office apartment with swag, while the other worker is out of breath after the climb. The former is fit and can perform well under stress while the latter is not fit. However despite the fact that we all know the benefits of fitness, most of us fail to engage in activities that make or keep us fit. This is as a result of the usual excuses: lack of time, energy, enthusiasm and self-confidence. Do not be discouraged because becoming fit is not as difficult and time consuming as it may appear to be. You will discover that it is easy and fun.

What is regarded as fitness depends on the individual needs. A weight lifter is fit for the activity of weight lifting. A long distance runner should not be compared with a tennis player in fitness. There is nothing like a standard fitness everybody should aspire to. It depends on your goals. You may decide that you want to be fit to participate in the next London marathon while another person may decide to lose weight and gain self-esteem. But there should be a minimum level of exercise required to gain fitness. For exercise to be an aid to fitness, it should improve your body metabolism, boost your cardiovascular and respiratory systems. As a result your blood pressure is lower, you can breathe deeper and feel better about yourself and have more energy reserve. For all these to happen you have to set your fitness goals and stick to it, monitor it frequently to correct yourself when you waver.

Motivation is the key to success when you set goals. To achieve your goal you must have a motive that is important to you to give you the will to push on. An example of motive is your desire to wear that elegant dress your husband bought last valentine but which didn’t fit you because you have put on too much weight. In setting goals, let it be realistic: too high a goal and you are more likely to fail and give up, but if it is too low, it may not be enough of a challenge; you may feel unmotivated. Everything considered, a three-week fitness plan is ideal because it is not too long and if you persevere, you will soon see results. Because it is only natural to expect results after your hard work, the minimum amount of exercise you need to do to boost your fitness level is 20 minutes of vigorous exercise done three times a week.

With excuses and self-doubt out of the way you can reap the benefits of fitness if you exercise regularly at least three times a week for as little as 20 minutes a day. Set realistic goals and be consistent and very soon you will see and feel the results. Wish you luck.

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