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WWE NXT matches results July 15th, 2020

1. Keith Lee says that he will defend his NXT North America Championship and NXT Championship against Dominik Dijakovic

Recap: The event started with a video clip showing various superstars that fell to Keith Lee including Finn Bàlor, Johnny Gargano, and Damien Priest congratulating Lee for the becoming the new NXT champion alongside with his previous championship. Lee then came to the ring as both championship and threw an open challenge to the WWE NXT universe. Since there was no response, Lee challenged Dijakovic and told him that he has spoken to William Regal and that Regal has officially scheduled the match to take place tonight.

Grade: B

2. Damien Priest Vs Cameroon Grimes

Recap: Grimes initially wanted to make this quick and performed series of combos which only helped him score a 2 count. Grimes fought hard to keep the pace high, but Damien Priest wouldn't stay down. Damien Priest dodged a diving Grimes and sent him into the ropes. This allowed Priest to set up a cyclone kick and a second-rope Reckoning to score the win.

Result: Damien Priest defeated Cameroon Grimes via pinfall.

Grade: C

3. Shotzi Blackheart vs Indi Hartwell

Recap: Indi Hartwell challenged Shotzi Blackheart too early and dominated her, but wasn't enough to keep Blackheart down. Soon enough, Hartwell hit an impressive senton, but wasn't enough as Robert Stone arrived for the distraction, Aliyah then knocked Blackheart off the top rope to allow Hartwell perform a big boot to seal the victory.

Result: Indi Hartwell defeated Shotzi Blackheart via pinfall.

Grade: B

4. NXT and North American Championship match featuring Keith Lee (the Champion) and Dominik Dijakovic

Recap: The match began with both men showing off their impressive strength and later countering themselves. The champion soon performed a rolling senton from the second rope before being countered by Dijakovic who later performed a facebuster on him. Dijakovic then jumped and fell into the waiting hands of Keith Lee and was later slammed with the Big Bang Catastrophe to get Keith Lee the win.

Result: Keith Lee defeated Dominick Dijakovic via pinfall, thus retaining both the NXT and North American Championships.

Grade: A

5. Timothy Thatcher vs Denzel Dejournette

Recap: Denzel Dejournette looked impressive in his match against Thatcher, but Thatcher was not impressed and soon locked Denzel Dejournette in a half-crab submission for a quicker tapout.

Result: Timothy Thatcher defeated Denzel Dejournette by submission.

Grade: C

6. The NXT Women's Champion (Io Shirai) vs Tegan Nox (NXT Women's Championship match)

Recap: Io Shirai stared the match with total dominance and a series of striking combos. Tegan Nox tried to sustain and later turned the match around with a Cannonball.Tegan Nox then performed a big cross body on Shirai before setting her up for the chokeslam. Io Shirai later hit her with tiger feint kick and a diving dropkick, but ended in a 2 count. Tegan Nox almost won the match with a facebuster and Molly-Go-Round, but it was not quite enough to take out the champion. The champion then blocked the Shiny Wizard manoeuvre with a punch and then performed the moonsault to get the win. While Io Shirai was still celebrating, Dakota Kai attacked the champion from behind.

Result: Io Shirai defeated Tegan Nox by pinfall to retain the NXT Women's Championship.

Grade: A

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