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Stop the blame game, see real reason Manchester City won in CAS

Football lover through the world was left speechless after CAS ruling on Manchester City. Not quite long after the judgment, 'RIP financial fair play' was trending on the social media. Top coaches and former players have also spoken about their displeasure on the judgment.

A critical look at the release from CAS on the judgement showed that there are some major factors that was responsible for the court ruling overturning UEFA's judg`ment and fining Manchester City 10million euros.

One thing is that the court of law throughout the world does not make judgment base emotions or what someone think. It makes judgment base on evidence that both the appellant and the defendant present to them.

1. UEFA never present enough evidences that Manchester City breached the financial fair play rule.

2. UEFA decision to ban Manchester City was not because there were evidences of misconduct but because they fail to cooperate with UEFA's authorities in charge of the financial fair play rule which contravene article 56 of financial fair play regulation.

3. The alleged breaches of the financial fair play regulation were time barred. The said breaches is said to have occurred between 2012-2016. It takes more than 5 years for the breaches to see the daylight as stipulated by UEFA regulations. The fact that UEFA did not challenge the breaches at the stipulated time makes UEFA play into City's hand.

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