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5 things you do that make people like you even when you don't realise it

People are attracted to what they see and that's why more than 80% of all human judgements are based on the outward behavior of others. They are done people that whenever they enter a place, they bring happiness with them and every one around them become happy while for others, they seem to take a gloomy atmosphere with them whenever they go.

Though you can't control how people feel about you, you shouldn't ignore it all together as they are only reacting based on what you've given out.

With that said, what are the things some people do that commands so much love and affection from other people? Let's take a look at some of the things you might be doing that makes people to like so much even when you don't realise it yourself.

1. You're always jovial.

Happiness is contagious and that's why people love being around someone that is happy. This particular quality of making everywhere come alive with your presence is usually attributed to extroverts, due to their free and open nature. If you notice that your presence makes other people smile and cheerful, then you are unique.

2. You respect everyone else.

Everyone love being treated with fairness and feel that they are respected as well. If you have the quality in which you see others as people who deserve to be treated with kindness irrespective of age, then you're unknowingly drawing admiration to yourself.

3. You like helping others

People love it when someone is kind enough to notice what they do and offer a helping hand. Showing kindness to people, unlike the way some people see it, doesn't make you desperate or weak. It instead shows that you are mature enough to understand that helping someone is just a good gesture that wouldn't cost you anything. This behaviour attracts people to you as it shows that you actually care about those around you.

4. You take control of things around you.

Nobody can resist someone who seems to be in charge of in control of anything he/does. Your ability to control things around you shows that you are not the kind of person that will take any nonsense from anyone. If you always step in into things that matters and your presence usually makes situations better, then you should keep it up because it makes people hold you in high regard.

5. You're honest.

An honest person doesn't mean a person who doesn't lie, but a person who is unselfish. A person who considers other people's feelings and other aspects before acting. If for example, you always tell your friends how a particular thing works without deceiving them for your own personal gains, then it shows you're honest. People who have this quality are usually trusted by others and make a lot of friends.

So, if you think you're being admired and loved by people around you, then it could be possible you posses some of these qualities. Though love should be shown to people of all types of personalities and you don't have to be funny or extroverted to get admired, the above qualities sure attracts people to you.

Content created and supplied by: GideonOgbike (via Opera News )


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