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Photos of soldiers reading Bible on the battlefield

Different religions have different holy books of study and revelations recommended by the originators/founders of the religion which helps a person go deeper into the religion. For Islam, it is called the Qur'an, for Buddhism, it is call Tripikata, for Hinduism, it is called Vedas, for Judaism, it is called Tanakh while for Christians, it is called the Holy Bible.

Soldiers at the warfront are in a very delicate situation and can die at any moment so it is very that they are in right standing with their maker. As you have been seeing, we will be looking at photos of soldiers reading the Bible at the warfront.

No man is bigger than God but God wants a relationship with his children and one way that a person's relationship with his maker can become better is by reading the holy book because you get to know more about God and it is something that can be done anywhere in the world, including warfront.

God is omnipresent which means he is everywhere, the fact that soldiers are at the warfront doesn't mean that there is no God there. He is everywhere and it shouldn't stop the holy conversation between man and God.

The holy books are full of interesting insight which will be very useful and strategic. The bible for example has war stories and how some delicate wars ended in victory, these knowledge can be implemented in modern battles.

 The bible can be turned to for motivation and encouragement if one is down emotionally and this is every useful for soldiers.

Whether you are at homge or in the battlefield, you can still maintain a relationship with God by reading your Bible.

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