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Check Out Photos of 3 WWE Wrestlers Who Took After their Parents to Become Great Wrestlers

One thing I have noticed about wrestling is that most of its stars followed the Footsteps of their parents. Some of them even became better and greater wrestler than their parents. Some of these wrestlers are the ones am going to talk about in this article.

Although there are many wrestler who followed their parents footsteps, I am going to focus on these 3 WWE wrestler who followed in their parents footsteps and even became better superstars than their parents.

1. The Rock

The Rock is actually one of the greatest of all times. His in ring athleticism has made him one of the greatest wrestlers that ever came to WWE. But he is the son of WWE legend, Rocky Johnson. Rocky Johnson was a great wrestler. He was actually one of the best during his time and his son also followed the same line and became even better.

2. Roman Reigns

Roman Reigns is no doubt one of the greatest young Wrestlers in WWE today. He is currently the Smackdown Champion and has been dominant since he claimed the title. He is the son of WWE legend, Sika. Sika during his days was a tag team player. He was one of the greatest tag teams in history.

His son also followed the same line and became one of the greatest single competitors in the history of WWE. He is called the Big Dog.

3. Randy Orton

Randy Orton is no doubt one of the greatest champions of all time. He is currently a 14 times world Heavyweight Champion and one of the best wrestler WWE has today. He is the son of WWE Hall of Famer, Bob Orton. Who happens to be the son of the wrestler too.

Bob was a great wrestler, he was even better than his father at wrestling but his son even became better. Randy Orton is no doubt a better version of Bob Orton.

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