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Popular world boxer challenges the WWE Champion for a fight (check out WWE Champion's reply)

Tyson Fury challenged Drew McIntyre on his twitter handle today and McIntyre has replied him.

These two, Drew McIntyre and Tyson Fury made and accepted a fighting challenge. Fury first took to twitter and said he wants to punch McIntyre in the face. He then challenged McIntyre for a match in WWE. RIght now, Drew McIntyre is currently out of WWE. He suffers a fractured jaw presently and no one, even he himself or his fans do not know when he will return to in-ring competition.

But McIntyre replied and accepted Fury's challenge on his twitter handle. McIntyre said "I'm not one of the normal bums you pick to fight, I'm not some punching bag getting paid to turn up and lose. Nice timing by the way, even with a fractued jaw, I'm pretty confident I could do 12 rounds with your pillow fists. Nice try king.

On Tyson's twitter handle, he also mocked the WWE Champion and Braun Strowman. If we recall, Fury defeated Strowman on his first debut in WWE with a big right hand blow on his face and it was a count down match. 

In conclusion, who do you support in McIntyre or Tyson Fury. Please comment below and share.

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